The Pet Nugget

Posted: September 21, 2022
The Pet Nugget
$8.95 - $10.15
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Here's a lil' Pet Nugget to remind your lil' pet nugget you love them. Or to make them crave a 6-piece of real McNuggets all day long after you guilt them into keeping the taunting figurine on their desktop or dashboard of the car.

The Pet Nugget is a 1/2" tall miniature handmade from polymer clay by Emily Bell. He arrives in a dome home for protection, mostly from people and their impulses to grab him and pop him in their mouth. The plastic cloche should provide enough of a barrier to make everyone just stop and think for one darn second about how The Pet Nugget is too cute to eat, and that doing so would eliminate him, and the joy he brings to all in the world who see him.

Oh and also, he's inedible.

Through her Tin of Beans Etsy shop, Bell accepts orders for Pet Nuggets as shown above, or with a little heart added to their midsection. An included description card will name the Nugget either "The Pet Chicken Nugget" or "The Pet Vegan Nugget."

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