Lumina Desk Advanced Workstation

Posted: August 23, 2022
Lumina Desk Advanced Workstation

If you want a smart workstation with a futuristic look, in-desk display, a full top surface of wireless charging, power outlets galore, and nary a cable in sight, I think you're beginning to see the Lumina. The Lumina Desk is a forthcoming workstation designed to be your "ultimate workspace for productivity." Or just, like, a really cool setup for gaming and dicking around on the internet.

Great for the office, and even better for WFH setups, the Lumina is a sleek jet black desk made of aluminum 6064 alloy and stainless steel legs, and an anti-glare reinforced glass tabletop. It is height-adjustable from 30" to 47", and measures 29.5" wide x 59" long.

The tabletop is constructed and styled for easy, unobstructed viewing of the Lumina's sexy in-desk ambient display. It is fully customizable for passive viewing of your favorite apps, ranging from task lists and calendars, to stock performance and data monitoring, to messages and social feeds. Use the Lumina desk with existing apps, or build your own to optimize the display's functionality.

In addition to mesmerizing you with the constant flow of information, and making it OK to set your phone down every once in a while, the Lumina desktop is charged with 200 watts of power across its entire surface. It can juice up any device rated for wireless charging you set on top of it. Topping of the wireless sentiment are two hidden cable compartments in the desk, each with 826 cubic inches of storage space for the complete concealment of every cable you've got.

For tech you need to plug in, the Lumina Desk has 6 power outlets and 6 USB-C sockets.

At printing, the Lumina Desk advanced workstation was available for reservations directly from Lumina. Price hadn't yet been set, but the company anticipates it will be in the mid-$1000 range.

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