Tricked Toys Metal Phone Cases

Posted: May 05, 2015
Tricked Toys Metal Phone Cases
$40 - $80
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Tricked Toys CNC machines all of their smartphone cases from 6061 aluminum, solid copper, or solid brass. If you like their street artsy look, then grab your screwdriver: the metal cases actually bolt together around your phone (bolts don't touch the tech), with interior rubber bumpers in place to protect its 4 corners. Full access to all buttons, the headphone jack, and charging ports remains.

Now you're probably thinking they're pretty heavy, but...

...yeah, you're right. At least in exchange for the standout aesthetic of the solid copper and brass cases, Tricked Toys admits you'll have to be willing to lug around a few more ounces of weight in your bag or pocket. Which might be an asset to those in need of that one last bit of downward force to hit their low-riding pants sweet spot.

Conversely, Tricked Toys' aluminum cases are extremely light. Picking one up should feel like the smartphone armor equivalent of aerogel. And if you like that the copper and brass cases add more color to your cover but prefer the reduced heft of aluminum, you can also request the latter in black, red, or blue anodized finishes.

At printing the Tricked Toys metal smartphone cases cases were available for iPhone 4 and 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, and BlackBerry Z10. iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 models are coming soon.

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