RovyVon Aurora A28 1000-Lumen Keychain Flashlight

Posted: April 22, 2023
RovyVon Aurora A28 1000-Lumen Keychain Flashlight
$56.95 - $59.95
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Lost in the dark? Get help in a flash...light from the RovyVon Aurora A28, a mighty keychain flashlight whose power - 1000 lumens max - is inversely proportional to its size - less than 3" long.

RovyVon makes a range of small, EDC-style torches. The Aurora A28, now in its second generation, is one of the brightest, with its 6500K cool white front emitter blasting 1000 lumens up to 490' in Turbo Mode. There are also plenty of brightness gradations in between, starting with a 0.5-lumen Moonlight Mode. The flashlight also has warm white, red, and 365nm sidelights, for uses such as reading, emergency signaling and night running, and authenticating currency, respectively.

RovyVon upgraded the rechargeable battery size in the Aurora A28 from 600mAh to 850mAh. In Moonlight Mode, the lowest, it can run for 150+ hours before you'll need to connect it to a USB-C charger.

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