The James Brand Ellis Slim Slip-Joint Pocket Knife

Posted: April 13, 2023
The James Brand Ellis Slim Slip-Joint Pocket Knife
$99 - $109
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The name's Ellis. Ellis Slim. No relation to Virginia. Though we might pair well together if you enjoy cutting loose threads and opening clamshell packaging with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth.

The James Brand's Ellis Slim is a new release in the Ellis and Elko family of slip-joint pocket knives. It does have a few accompaniments to a Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel blade built into its 0.3" razor-thin body, but to keep things simple - and slim - this Ellis issue eliminates the scissors included with its predecessors. Also, instead of a combo blade, you'll have a choice of either serrated or straight, the former available in Coyote Tan + Black with G10 handle scales, and the latter in either Canary + Stainless or Black + Stainless, with aluminum and G10 scales respectively.

At the end of the Ellis Slim Knife handle is The James Brand's All-Things Scraper, which serves as a pry bar and screw turner in addition to a scraper. Overall knife length is 6.5"; blade length is 2.6".

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