Barnett Penetrator Crossbow

Posted: September 05, 2014
Barnett Penetrator Crossbow
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I finally hunted down* Barnett's Penetrator Crossbow in response to reader disgruntlement over the discontinuation of the M4 Tactical Crossbow. Admittedly, this substitute is no LeBron - it lacks the red dot sight, LED flashlight, and, yeah, steel ball magazine - but it is more than a late 2nd round draft pick or, say, a Robert Swift. The Penetrator features a 175-pound draw weight, 116 foot-pounds of energy, and a 350 foot-per-second firing velocity.

Long-established archery company Barnett has developed the Penetrator with a shoot-through foot stirrup and a 12-inch power stroke to push its high firing speeds. They also say despite its explosive capacity the crossbow remains safe and smooth to operate, with a 5-to-1 safety factor. A Crosswire string and cable system with high energy whiplash cams also help promote faster, quieter shots.

This Penetrator set comes with the crossbow, a scope, arrows, and a quiver. It measures 37" long x 24" wide and weighs 8.6 pounds. Note that it cannot be sold and shipped to certain zip codes. I doubt any of them are in Alaska or Texas.


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