Grizzly 8.5" Magfed Shotgun

Posted: January 10, 2014
Check It Out

No one has written a Wikipedia article on Dominion Arms' Grizzly 8.5 magfed shotgun yet, and no one has given me a Dominion Arms Grizzly 8.5 mag fed shotgun yet, so all I can really say about it is that from the very first time we locked eyes online, I felt that we were one. That we should roar and tear through a river together, eat raw fish and honey, and then retire to my den for a nap. That we should collaborate to protect my young!

I don't have any young.

How about we go shoot some boars instead?

Seeing the Grizzly in action does little to deter a hunter or hobbyist from wanting one. The 27-1/8" 12-gauge has a 5-round magazine that loads and explodes in seconds, and definitely appears to wield some bear-like power. One former owner does note the shotgun's weight as a drawback: 12 pounds when fully loaded. Another drawback I can see: the Griz appears to be available only in Canada.

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