Yoogo Self Defense Keychain

Posted: February 18, 2017
Yoogo Self Defense Keychain

It looks like a boomerang, but really the Yoogo Self Defense Keychain just goes BOOM! In your choice of punching, hooking, stabbing, or slashing.

Made in Canada, the Yoogo is intended to serve as a compact and inconspicuous key holder throughout your normal days. And hopefully, all of your days will be normal. But if things start to go all crazy and catawampus, slip the bulbous nubs of the Yoogo through your fingers, grip tight to its arms, and start swinging. In the deliberate, controlled manner you've learned from the Yoogo team's instructional videos, of course--check out one of them above.

Yoogo Keychain specs and features include:

  • Solid, ultra-resistant polymer blend composition that Yoogo says will never break.
  • 1 x hand-assembled 0.6" ring with 155 pounds pull resistance.
  • 2 x 1.1" rings with 105 pounds pull resistance.
  • Unique engraved serial number allowing a free key return service.
  • Available in black, beige, or pink.

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