National Park Topographic Map Can Glasses

Posted: April 07, 2019
National Park Topographic Map Can Glasses
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Take a topographic tour of 4 of America's most famous national parks without leaving your couch, or your beer. Black Lantern's line of snazzy can glasses are each hand-printed with topo sections of either Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Yosemite, or Grand Teton National Park.

Can glasses come in sets of 2, and topo map printings include elevations, names, mountains, and other standout geographic locations within their respective national parks. Despite looking like 12-ounce sodie cans, these are pint glasses, and can hold a full 16 ounces.

Black Lantern is based out of Estes Park, CO, where they print all of their glasses directly from their studio; the black ink decorating the pints is heat set in the oven, so it won't fade or wash off over time. You can put your Yellowstone and Teton topos in the dishwasher if you want, but Black Lantern recommends washing the can glasses by hand.

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