Edamame Bottle-Cleaning Sponges

Posted: January 24, 2022
Edamame Bottle-Cleaning Sponges
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Beans, beans, the magical fruit / Now they clean and make you toot. The Edamame Bottle Cleaners are a pair of soybeans in shape, size, and color, but abrasive cellulose sponges filled with ceramic weights in composition. Slip them into your water, baby, or sodie bottles with a drop of dish detergent, and then - the fun part! - shake it up, baby! Maybe even throw in a twist and a shout as the Edamame Sponges bop around removing oil, stains, crud, and germs from the bottle's interior surfaces.

In addition to mugging a cute 'n' clever in appearance, the Edamame Cleaners are so designed to be able to fit into bottles and jars with narrow openings. They also tie together with a string that will allegedly make them easier to grab and pull back out when the shake-up is over.

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