Mix Tapes Sponges

Posted: May 30, 2021
Mix Tapes Sponges
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Queue up your 80s and 90s playlists and get your scrub on with Mix Tapes Sponges, squishy scouring bricks armed with the cleaning power of 3 layers of bristle and foam, and the meticulously selected and sequenced songs of the hair and boy bands of your youth.

Whether you're washing dishes or scrub-a-dub-dubbing in the bathroom, Mix Tapes Sponges will bring a squeeze of fun and nostalgia to your dirty work. The 3" x 4.5" sponges come in sets of 4, with titles including Spruce Springsteen, *NSink, Sponge 'N' Hoses, and Greasy Boys.

Bonus Track: Mix Tapes Sponges are packaged in a retro boombox. A great gift for 80s & 90s kids.

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