SockDock - Washable/Dryable Sock Organizer

Posted: February 27, 2018
SockDock - Washable/Dryable Sock Organizer

Now that I've got my socks locked and loaded into the SockDock, sock-eating washers and dryers can eat my shorts! The SockDock sock organizer stores pairs of socks together between its row of adjustable sliders. Each Dock can hold up to 9 pairs, and they sell in sets of two, so you can hang one in your closet with clean socks, and the other by the hamper or in the laundry room with dirty ones.

When it's laundry time, throw the entire SockDock into the washer, and then the dryer, to keep your foot sleeves paired up and safe from disappearing without a trace. You'll get rid of the need to sift through and rematch them after the cycles, plus free up drawer space for more sex toys. Uh, I mean underwear.

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