Octopus Headphone Wall Hanger

Posted: October 22, 2023
Octopus Headphone Wall Hanger
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Guess how many pairs of headphones you can hang from the Octopus Headphone Wall Hanger. ... Wrong! Not eight, but nine. Nine over-ear headsets will fit on M3is3D's rockin' octo, because the pink 'pus is an audiophile itself, and willing to wear a pair over its own ears.

Though in a quick check, it seems octopi don't actually have ears, and the organ they do use to detect soundwaves, the statocyst, doesn't provide them with very good hearing. So I guess the Octopus Headphone Wall Hanger's willingness to hold so much crap is due more to an obliging nature and desire for organization than a true love of A/V equipment.

Oh, and if you're not that into A/V equipment yourself, or at least don't see a need to own more than the one pair of headphones, the Octopus Headphone Wall Hanger has stated it's cool holding onto other stuff, such as keys, hats, jackets, and bags of takeout from Long John Silver's, for you too.

Mark at M3is3D 3D prints the Octopus Headphone Wall Hanger in your choice of 10 different metallic and solid matte colors. All mounting hardware is included.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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