US State 3D Wood Topographic Maps

Posted: April 29, 2017
US State 3D Wood Topographic Maps
$75 - $125
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And if you go with Florida, you can use your 3D Wood Topographic Map as a perfectly level cutting board! Haha, Florida's flatter than piss on a plate. I've always wanted to ride a Schwinn 10 Speed top-to-bottom through that state to see if I can make it the whole length without changing gears.

Noah Lorang of The United States of Wood runs his one-man woodworking shop outside of Pittsburgh. Each of his 3D carvings details the actual topography of the land within your chosen state's lines. Check out Lorang's handmade compilation of all 48 of the Continental United States in the gallery above.

In addition to which slice of undulating terrain you want to display, you can select the type of wood you want Lorang to make your state from (e.g., walnut, oak, birch, wormy chestnut) and specify its size, small, medium, or large.

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