Wire Bonsai Trees

Posted: December 31, 2021
Wire Bonsai Trees
$111.04 - $517.96
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On this last day of 2021, here's a bonsai tree to bring you dudes good luck and harmony in 2022. Look, it's even made of wire, so there's no chance you will kill it and work up a Sensate's worth of anxiety over a sign of yet another shitty year to come.

Regardless of bonsai lore and symbolism, and my own cynicism, these Wire Bonsai Tree sculptures are a sight to behold. Each piece is handmade by Wire Bonsai Art, using a wooden base, and at least a football field's length of wire woven into various miniature tree styles. Bonsais come in standard silver, copper, and brass colors, each reflective of the type of wire used to bring them to life.

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