Convertible Console Table Bookshelf

Posted: April 14, 2018
Convertible Console Table Bookshelf
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I've seen a few of these pieces of convertible furniture lately, including one that SWINGs from table to shelf just like the IMAX Convertible Console Table Bookshelf here. And I really dig them, their design and execution. IMAX gives their morpher an industrial, almost railroad bridge look, with an iron and fir wood construction they say makes it as strong as it is distinctive.

Unlike the SWING convertible table / shelf, the console table bookshelf is meant less to trade back and forth between uses than it is to accommodate a wide range of spaces. Like, say, you move and your new place doesn't have a layout that fits a console table, but it does have a blaring bare corner begging for a bookshelf. Or maybe you get new furniture in your current place, and don't want to part with your IMAX, but need to finagle a different arrangement. Being able to shift its primary dimension from vertical to horizontal, or vice versa, makes the difference between keeping and Craig's Listing it.

Console Table Bookshelves weigh just 4 pounds when assembled. Dimensions are 60.75" tall x 26.75" wide x 23.25" long.

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