Drift Gaming Bed

Posted: March 06, 2023
Drift Gaming Bed
$2,164 - $4,086
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Drift off to dreamland...right after drifting off to Super Smash Bros. and Call of Duty land with a few hours of play right from your Drift Gaming Bed.

UK bed retailer Dreams says, "If you take gaming as seriously as you take sleeping, it's time to get comfortable." Their Drift Gaming Bed is a self-contained and immersive snooze-and-play station fitted with a built-in HDTV, USB ports, and LED lighting you can set to match your favorite gaming system. The bed itself comes in 3 sizes, with ottoman-style storage under the mattress, and a choice of sprung slats or a Sleepmotion support base.

The Drift Gaming Bed comes standard with a 32" HDTV, but you can upgrade to a 43" or 4K screen instead. The TV is mounted on a stand that lowers into the bed frame when it's not in use. The foot of the bed also houses a 2.1 gaming sound system.

The Drift Gaming Bed is the perfect gift for hard(but soft!)core gift for hard(real hard!)core gamers. Just think of it. Playing Fortnite 'til you look like a zombie, and then falling back dead like one without moving an inch. The Dorito and Oreo crumbs in your sheets? The teeth you never got around to brushing? Bah. They'll still be there in the morning. ... And so will Grand Theft Auto V! Ready to roll from the Drift Gaming Bed until you force yourself to roll out of it.

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