Flow Wall Desk

Posted: January 31, 2023
Flow Wall Desk
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Cue the Naughty By Nature, because the Flow Wall Desk and its designer, Robert van Embricqs, have every reason to sing, Holla if ya hear me though, come and feel me flow.

We've seen both cool wall-mounted desks and cool transforming furniture before, and this folding chair is even a kinda cool piece of wall-mounted transforming furniture. But when it comes to design, function, and practicality, the Flow Wall Desk is in a league of its own. Or at least in a league with Fletcher Capstan. A single twist takes the desk from a flat, slatted wooden square against your wall - a minimalist piece of art in and of itself - into a curvy, undulating workstation with a semicircular desktop that's as beautiful as it is useful.

van Embricqs has always created his furniture as functional art, and in an architectural style similar to that of the Flow Wall Desk. But the idea and inspiration for the latter stemmed from "recent global events" (i.e., the pandemic) and the need / opportunity many of us had to work from home. In addition to a stunning aesthetic, the double helix of the Flow Wall Desk also creates a bit of a privacy screen around its sides. The horizontal work surface is almost 40" long, and extends to a depth of up to 22", so it is large and comfortable enough for typing on a laptop, reading, or writing / drawing by hand.

van Embricqs sells the Flow Wall Desk in 4 different finishes.

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