Studio Stirling Sling Chairs

Posted: August 08, 2021
Studio Stirling Sling Chairs

Check out these Sling Chairs from Studio Stirling. I might even call them Swingin' Sling Chairs to better communicate the touch of whimsy their luxe modern aesthetic will also bring to your home's interior (or exterior) design.

Or for the dudes like me, who think a Studio Stirling piece would be the perfect complement to their Bowchair, how about Swingin' Swingers' Sexy Sling Chairs? I mean, those ringed straps dangling off the back? Those scream two things to me: gymnastics; and stirrups. I'd welcome either into my Netflix & Not-So-Chill nights.

Studio Stirling has several designs in their Sling Chair line. Pictured above is a Thick Leather Sling Chair in brown; it also comes in black. If you prefer softer leather, you can go for one of the appropriately named Soft Leather Sling Chairs. Versions suitable for outdoors, more bold and stylized designs, and an angular version are available too.

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