AUS-ION Australian Iron Cookware

Posted: May 01, 2017
AUS-ION Australian Iron Cookware
$79.95 - $179.95
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If the interior "Made in Australia" stamp on each piece of this AUS-ION cookware isn't enough to assure you of where the pots and pans come from, zoom in and check out the ends of their handles. See the hole? See its shape? It's...awwww...it's a cutout in the shape of Australia you can use to hang your AUS-IONs for storage. How adorable.

Adorable, with a side of downright burly. AUS-ION cookware is made from seamless, single pieces of Australian iron, no rivets. Thickness ranges from 2mm to 4mm, all promoting even heating and a warp-free life. A long, warp-free life, as the pieces are built to last for generations.

Like cast iron, AUS-ION pans benefit from seasoning through use, and should not be cleaned with soap. The line includes various sizes of skillet, a wok, a griddle pan, and a bombee pan (looks like a smaller wok with a handle.) Check them out if need a Mother's Day gift for a mama who doesn't do shrimp on the barbie, but loves her some shrimp on the skillet.

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