Musui Kamado Cast Iron Pot & Induction Cooker

Posted: October 25, 2023
Musui Kamado Cast Iron Pot & Induction Cooker
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Well, the Musui Kamado will certainly be the coolest sounding kitchen gadget you own. Whether this combination cast iron pot and induction cooker will live up to its name - and $670 price tag - is something this dude can't help you with, because my kitchen is already stuffed fatter than my belly at a brunch buffet with gadgets. And my wallet not so much with dollars.

What I can help you figure out is what exactly the sleek piece of Japanese cookware aims to do. With a Musui Kamado you can: sear; cook; steam-roast; braise; and precision cook both sous-vide and rice cooker style. In other words, pretty much everything you could do on a stovetop, in an oven, or with a multi-cooker, but with even more versatility because you can remove the Musui portion of the Musui Kamado, and also use it on a stovetop or in an oven. Attach its Magnetic Trivet accessory and the cast iron pot is also ready to present and serve your dish with elegance.

The Kamado half of the Musui Kamado is a three-dimensional induction stove constructed to simulate "the engulfing flames of a traditional Japanese wood-burning stove." That means uniform heat distribution and precise temperature control, without the presence of fire, or even appreciable heat emanating from the source. The pot and lid of the Musui atop the Kamado are hand-machined to fit with less than 0.01mm of variance, creating a lock-tight seal, and contributing further to the pair's goal of cooking perfection.

Maker Vermicular offers the Musui Kamado set in Matte Black & Silver, Charcoal, and Sea Salt colors. A rice and water measuring cup, cast iron lid stand, and cookbook are included with purchase.

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