Samsung Portable Slim Double Induction Cooktop

Posted: January 08, 2020
Samsung Portable Slim Double Induction Cooktop

Looks like Samsung will be one of the few who accomplishes their New Year's resolution to slim down. The tech giant revealed their Portable Slim Double Induction Cooktop, part of a line of forthcoming modern smart appliances, at CES 2020.

The Portable Slim Double Induction is designed for use in tight kitchens and other small spaces - including right on your dining room table - either in addition to or instead of a standard stove. As its name suggests, the cooktop has 2 induction burners, each with 9 different power levels to accommodate the cooking, warming, and serving of almost any dish. For larger pots and pieces of cookware, you can link up the burners and have them function as a single cooking surface.

And, remember, by using induction tech in the Portable Slim Double Induction, Samsung has produced a cooktop that stays cool to the touch even during use on its highest settings, so it won't make your kitchen stifling hot, or burn the bejeesus out of your hands and arms if you accidentally touch it while cooking at the table or on an exposed countertop.

Note: all induction cooktops work only with pots and pans made of a magnetic-based material. Cast iron and magnetic stainless steel, such as that used in the Le Creuset Star Wars Cookware Collection, are good choices.

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