Spaghetti Scrubs - Soap-Free Sponges

Posted: November 04, 2017
Spaghetti Scrubs - Soap-Free Sponges
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Spaghetti Scrubs mark my first holiday purchase of the year: a soap- and stink-free dish, cookware, and kitchen utensil cleaner I will give as a gift for Mom (uh, spoiler alert, Mama.) The sponge substitutes get high marks for their natural corn cob and peach pit abrasives, which maker Goodbye Detergent says will remove food gunk and stains from pretty much anything you throw in your sink without the addition of soap, and without F'ing up your fine china and nonstick pans.

Spaghetti Scrubs come in packs of two. They can attack more burly surfaces, such as metal cookware, kettles, sinks, grills, and cast iron, as well as certain types of glass, wood, plastic, nonstick pans, and surfaces that can dull. And, again, the promise is that the Scrubs will do their dirty work and leave your items clean and sanitized without the addition of dish soap.

Goodbye Detergent also says the sponges themselves will dry quickly and fully, and go for months without developing odors or mold.

I have my doubts about all of that when it comes to cutting boards that have seen onions and garlic, and anything that's touched a piece of stinky fish, but I guess there's no reason you can't use the Spaghetti Scrubs along with soapy water to take care of those things. Reviewers do back up the claim that the curlicue sponges maintain their integrity and don't develop their own ungodly smells for exponentially longer than standard sponges.

Another thing they have going for them is that if you do a Google image search for "Spaghetti Scrubs," one of the results is a photo of Dr. Cox with pasta on his face.

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