The Indoor Home Garden

Posted: February 03, 2012
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No more excuses for not chewing, blending, juicing, or otherwise ingesting your greens. The Kitchen Cultivator is an all in one indoor home garden about the size--and four times the price--of the beer fridge every man would like to have installed as a showpiece in the living room. The Cultivator's pre-programmed growing cycles automatically adjust interior lighting, watering, and temperature provisions based on the types of seeds or plants inside, ensuring their version of a breezy day on a Tahitian beach 365 days a year. Reverting to store-bought leafiness during winter months won't be necessary, nor will eating greens draped in chemicals and pesticides. Everything you grow will be organic, fresh, and, as a result, packed with twice the nutrients of purchased herbs and veggies, which begin losing their fervor the moment they are picked, and continue to do so when faced with long-distance shipping, packing and preservation techniques, and the grubby hands of picker-overers at the market.

Outdoor gardeners will also be able to jump start plants indoors long before the growing season starts. And the Cultivator's controlled environment will encourage plants to grow bigger once moved to the back yard, as well as help the finicky seedlings and floral mighty mites that typically have trouble making it at all flourish when their small town roots meet the big city.

The Kitchen Cultivator comes in a stand alone model on wheels, or a built in "dishwasher-style" option fitted into your existing kitchen. Multiple butcher block top surfaces, and door options are also available.

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