Pennywise Balloon Lamp

Posted: September 04, 2019
Pennywise Balloon Lamp
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Looks like IT's ready for Halloween (and Chapter 2.) Pennywise's red balloon looks even creepier emanating the LED glow produced by this Pennywise Balloon Lamp. Talk about a counterproductive piece of lighting. Lamps are supposed to eliminate the uncertainty and hidden dangers of the dark. Making the lamp itself a replica of the sign of an ancient evil parading as a dancing clown is just mean.

Aw, dude. I'm totally gonna buy a Pennywise Balloon Lamp and swap out the one on my wife's nightstand with it some night when she's getting wined up with her girlfriends.

If you have a sewer grate near your house, think about grabbing an extension cord and adding the Balloon Lamp to your Halloween decor too.

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