Custom Bookcase Quilt

Posted: October 26, 2020
Custom Bookcase Quilt
$449 - $1,229
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Ahhh, nothing like cuddling up under a cozy bookcase with a great book from the quilt. I mean, a cozy quilt with a great book from the bookcase. I mean, well, in this (book)case, both. Etsy shop Sew lt Seams Creations hand stitches custom quilts with bookshelves full of some of your personal favorite stories, keepsakes, hobby items, and photographs.

Bookcase Quilts come in 6 different sizes, ranging from a 40" x 40" wall hanging with 3 shelves, to a King bed quilt with 8 shelves. The Full and Queen quilts also have 8 shelves, and Sew lt Seams Creations invites buyers' requests for customization of up to 2 items on every shelf. In addition to book titles, you can add items such as flags, mugs, globes, vases, or a sleeping cat. My personal shelf requests would include The Berenstain Bears, The Hobbit, East of Eden, Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds, an NES controller, and an elf (duh).

If you know her well enough to stock her bookshelves, or if you can covertly ascertain her favorite books and trinkets, these custom-made Bookcase Quilts would make a terrific gift for Mom this holiday season. I know my mama would love one anyway. Too bad I already got her a picture of her face printed on a potato.

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