NYC Taxi Drivers 2018 Calendar

Posted: December 28, 2017
NYC Taxi Drivers 2018 Calendar
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It's been a long 4 years since I last saw a New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar, but 2018's edition has broken the dry spell. In a move that pairs the pin-up aesthetic with satire, plus humans' inability to look away from the horrific and bizarre, calendar creators Philip Kirkman and Shannon McLaughlin condense the 12 months of our upcoming year into a collection of NYC's "most scintillating and good-humored yellow cab drivers."

As with all New York City Taxi Drivers Calendars, a portion of the sales from the 2018 printing will go to University Settlement. Opened in New York in 1886, it is America's older settlement house. Today it still provides of 30,000 immigrant and working individuals per year with basic services, including housing, education and literacy programs, and wellness benefits.

In this one sphere of the rideshare battle, I think the taxi drivers have won. Uber and Lyft better step up their game for next year. I'm thinking location scouting, Pete Souza, and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit theme to pit against the New York City Taxi Drivers 2019 Calendar.

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