Summerland Handmade Ceramic Bongs

Posted: June 02, 2020
Summerland Handmade Ceramic Bongs
$225 - $275
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Relax. Calm down. Funny how those have turned into fightin' words. On top of being difficult states to achieve even when some condescending butthead isn't issuing them as a command. If we were together I'd say no such thing to you. I wouldn't say anything. I'd just hand you the peace pipe. Or, in this case, the Summerland handmade ceramic peace bong.

Summerland cooks up all the stoneware that will get you baked in small batches in their kilns in California. At printing their bong line consisted of Chongo, Pleasure Point, and big boy Land Yacht models (shown left to right in the image above), each fired in multiple colors. The Pleasure Point is the smallest of the 3 at 10" tall x 4.5" wide, while the Land Yacht will dock on your coffee table at 12.5" tall x 7" wide.

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