Dog Grass Grow Bowl

Posted: May 29, 2022
Dog Grass Grow Bowl
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Don't worry, dog owners. Dog Grass isn't that kind of grass for dogs. It's not even the Dad Grass hemp CBD kind of grass. And it isn't a cutesy kit with a dog theme for growing your own weed. Dare I say, at least for the pet lovers, it's even better than all of those.

Dog Grass Grow Bowls are garden kits for sprouting fresh, delicious, organic barley grass for your pup. The kind of grass dogs both like to eat, and that, unlike a lot of other grasses, shrubs, plants, and poops they find on their walks, is healthy for them. According to Dog Grass cultivator, Potting Shed Creations, Barley grass, or Hordeum vulgare, has essential canine nutrients, and helps with doggie digestion.

Dog Grass Grow Bowls come with seeds, growing medium, OMRI coconut husks for drainage, and a 8.25" diameter steel bowl to sprout your grass garden. Once your green blades have grown, you can let your puppy chow directly from the bowl, or cut off servings of grass for hand-feeding as a treat, or sprinkling over their regular dog food.

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