Double Succulent Planter Swing

Posted: December 29, 2021
Double Succulent Planter Swing
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Damn you, Double Succulent Planter Swing! I woke up this morning to my cat playing bongos on my forehead, followed by my mama calling me at 6:45 a.m. saying I need to come fix her internet because it's "broken." And I am pressed about them both! And I don't need some adorable anthropomorphic blockhead parent and child planters on a swing set warming my heart and making me feel less angry right now!

3D printed by Ohio Workshop, and definitely worthy of my list of things that make you go Awww, the Double Succulent Planter Swing sees recycled plastic Big Block and Little Block enjoying a very fine playdate on a handcrafted wood and string swing set. It would be a great addition to your tabletop, desktop, or windowsill empty, but fill the planters with baby jade or cacti, and watch the whimsical piece's delightfulness double.

The Double Succulent Planter Swing, or its sister Single Succulent Planter Swing, would make a great housewarming gift.

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