Noku Canvas Modular, Self-Watering Planter

Posted: September 16, 2021
Noku Canvas Modular, Self-Watering Planter
$49 - $399
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No green thumb or shelf space required for the Noku Canvas, a modular, self-watering planter collection you can arrange on your wall in any hex-based design you fancy.

Each Noku Canvas unit uses a passive wicking hydroponics system. Every 3 weeks, you fill the planter's base with water, and the plant will naturally draw it up to its roots via a submerged wick when it's feeling thirsty. Noku Canvas plants require no soil, and sit inside a pot encircled with vertical cutouts that prevent root balling.

Noku Canvas planters mount to the wither either a screw or a removable adhesive patch. They're each 160mm (6.3") wide and 50mm (1.2") deep, and made from 100% recycled plastic and cork.

Read more about Noku Canvas modular, self-watering planters and their possibilities here on Kickstarter. Pledge for one, or a dozen, of your own through October 14, 2021.

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