Hell's Forge Portable Knife & Tool Making Forge

Posted: August 02, 2018
Hell's Forge Portable Knife & Tool Making Forge
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Here's a nice, compact forge you can use to smith yourself some knives and tools and jewelry. Or you can just stick your head inside the single burner from time to time next winter when you're trying to remember exactly how hot it was this summer.

Puh. Who needs a Hell's Forge right now when I've got my whole back yard heated and ready to melt me some metal?

The cylindrical HF1 furnace runs on propane and is sized for any artisan or hobbyist's small projects. Hell's Forge says its oval interior provides "ideal exposure to the flame's 'sweet spot'," and they include a 1" high density ceramic fiber blanket and full size thick firebrick to further aid the forge in reaching temperatures of up to 2300 degrees.

The Hell's Forge HF1 can help in the molding of almost any metal, including gold, copper, silver, brass, bronze, aluminum, magnesium, alloys, tin, stainless steel, steel, or lead. It's small size facilitates quick setup, and heat times of 5 minutes or less.

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