Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener

Posted: November 12, 2023
Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener
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This holiday season, like every holiday season, it's knives out! Some of them will even be the literal kinds of knives you use to carve turkeys, slice open packages, and give as gifts to the men (or pocket-knife-collection' ladies) in your family. The Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener is for those knives. The compact and dynamic tool has 4 different sharpening angles, and includes 3 sharpening abrasives that will hone the blades of chef's knives, kitchen knives, scissors, pocket knives, and folding knives back to a razor-sharp edge.

Made in Ashland, Oregon, the Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener is sized to fit in a kitchen or tool drawer, with all parts nestled into molded cutouts inside its square box packaging. The 3 sharpening abrasives included are a coarse 320-grit diamond, a fine 600-grit diamond, and a fine ceramic. The sharpener's magnetic angle block adjusts to 15-, 17-, 20-, and 25-degree sharpening angles to suit the variety of knives mentioned above. And possibly the Mighty Carver Electric Chainsaw Knife, but I'll confirm that for sure the day after Thanksgiving.

Oh, and for the knives the Work Sharp Rolling Knife Sharpener can't handle, like, say, the intellectual ones you'll use to cut your stuck up Aunt Jan down a few pegs, check out the Critical Thinking Cards Deck for a good ol' sharpening of the mind.

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