Dweller-Ti Wood Stove - Titanium Outdoor Fireplace

Posted: October 14, 2022
Dweller-Ti Wood Stove - Titanium Outdoor Fireplace
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The Dweller-Ti Wood Stove is a lightweight outdoor fireplace made of TA1 titanium and high temperature refractory glass. It combines the forces of Pomoly and Green Stove to produce a wood burner for hot tent and winter camping that weighs just 7.7 pounds. That's down from the 22.7-pound weight of the original Dweller.

The Dweller-Ti is compatible with both titanium roll-up and titanium integrated chimneys. Pomoly's adjustable chimney damper is also built into the Dweller-Ti for exhaust system and burning rate control. Assemble, the wood stove measures 12.4" long x 12.6" wide x 11.8' tall with the chimney.

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