Survival Grenade

Posted: March 18, 2013
Survival Grenade
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Pull the pin and Rocky S2V's Survival Grenade blows up a cornucopia of Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School tools for the outdoor conquistador. Enveloped in 10' of military grade 550 paracord are everything from a fire starter and tinder to stay warm or signal for help, to a piece of tin foil for reflecting heat and taking home leftovers. Uh, yeah I want some flank steak and gooey butter cake for the road, Mama.

Compacted to comfortable-hanging-from-a-belt-clip size, the Survival Grenade arrives attached to a carabiner in a color choice of black, dark olive, or green. Its hang tag discloses Mountain Shepherd SNAP survival tips, such as "Curl into a ball and play dead when confronted by a warthog" and "Don't die." Other Kinder Surprises hidden inside the paracord grenade include:

  • A needle
  • A knife blade
  • 2 fishing hooks, 2 swivels & 2 weights
  • Wire
  • Above-mentioned fire starter and tin foil
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