ThorFire USB & Hand Crank Lantern

Posted: July 21, 2015
ThorFire USB & Hand Crank Lantern
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Thor. God of Thunder. God of Lightning. God of Rechargeable LED Lighting. ThorFire's darkness accessory is a collapsible accordion lantern/flashlight with a built-in battery rechargeable via regular 5V USB or its fold-out crank and your own hammer-wielding hand. Suitable for indoor use during power outages, and outdoor use during camping trips, or any other dark conditions in need of easily accessible light, the ThorFire lantern has High and Low settings that give off 125 and 30 lumens respectively.

Expanded, the ThorFire light serves as a lightweight lantern (5.9 ounces) and snapped shut it still glows enough to provide a concentrated mini flashlight beam. Charge it by connecting a USB cable to any power bank or 5V DC charger, or by using the light's hand crank. Cranking for 1 minute will produce 4 minutes of High or 11 minutes of Low mode lantern lighting. When ThorFire is connected to a dying cell phone, you can also use the hand crank to route emergency power to your mobile device.

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