CreekKooler - Outdoor Floating Cooler

Posted: March 22, 2018
CreekKooler - Outdoor Floating Cooler
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No need to weigh down or cramp up your kayak or paddleboard with a cooler when you can raft a CreekKooler to the back and paddle on with up to 30, 12-ounce cans and 20 pounds of ice in tow.

Kancooler's CreekKoolers have streamlined, kayak-like hulls that make it easy to pull behind small watercraft without disrupting your flow. You can also drag them along land, through sand or other dry ground, thanks to a trio of skids on the bottoms. When you're not on the move, the CreekKooler will just bob around next to you, eager to hand out cold beverages from between its dual-wall construction and 2" of insulation. The cooler has an ice retention period of 48 hours, and a 1/8-turn, watertight locking lid seals its contents tight inside.

CreekKoolers come in 5 different colors, all with 4 drink holders on the surface deck.

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