Kalamazoo Gaucho Wood-Fired Grill

Posted: March 03, 2023
Kalamazoo Gaucho Wood-Fired Grill
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The succulent meats and fiery culture of Argentina meet...uh...Kalamazoo, Michigan? Correction: the 100+-year sheet metal tradition of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Kalamazoo's Gaucho Wood-Fired Grill line puts "the rugged intensity and flavor of traditional Argentinian grilling," into a pitmaster's dream of contemporary aesthetics, functionality, and head-to-toe - or in this case, wheel-to-wheels - luxury. And their credentials for doing so date back to 1906, when Kalamazoo Sheet Metal was founded and began welding dairy processing equipment, and to 1996, when the company introduced its first line of stainless steel grills.

Kalamazoo Gaucho Grills come as standalone and built-in models, the latter for outdoor kitchens, and with the option of including a side burner, shown here. All have the standout feature of a 30" spoked wheel along the side of the grill. Spin it raise the grill rack higher above or lower into the burning wood flames for the perfect slow, low cook, or high-heat sear.

Not to leave you struggling with matches, lighters, and magnifying glasses pointed at the sun, Kalamazoo also installs a 55,000 BTU gas starter system in the Gaucho Grills they say will ignite and stoke your wood fire to cooking temperatures in just 5 minutes. Gas also powers the side burner in models that have it. Additional Gaucho Grill features include:

  • Built-in motorized rotisserie spit that moves up and down with grill rack. Option to remove grill grates and use full length of rotisserie spit, or keep one or two grates in place to use both at once.
  • Deep firebox design that funnels out ash from the fire and facilitates easy clean up without a shovel.
  • Double cooktop with two 16,000-BTU burners.
  • Ambient control panel lighting.
  • Four heavy-duty wheels with locking casters.
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