Creature Craft Self-Righting Whitewater Rafts

Posted: October 15, 2019
Creature Craft Self-Righting Whitewater Rafts
$4,995 - $15,600
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Battling whitewater rapids is fun, but being on the losing end of that battle, not so much. Creature Craft owner and creator Darren Vancil developed his self-righting whitewater rafts to level up the adrenaline rush of running rapids for all levels of rafters.

Creature Crafts are Vancil's combination of Siberian Bublik rafts and catarafts. They have a cage-like exterior with multiple chambers that keep the rafts firm, no crushing or wrapping, during use. Inside Creature Crafts rafters lock in with a patented thigh-strap system, which could be Bad News Bears under normal flipping circumstances, but the Creature Craft's ultimate characteristic is its ability to self-right after getting twisted, battered, and knocked upside down.

Creature Crafts are made such that paddle teams and oars people, regardless of their experience level, should be able to roll the raft upright after a tumble, and continue on unphased. In that sense, Creature Crafts make whitewater rafting more accessible and safer for beginners, and give more experienced river runners some peace of mind on advanced category rapids.

Creature Crafts, like good little pets, can also do tricks, including back-flips, barrel rolls, endos, and pirouettes.

Creature Craft come in a handful of different models and sizes, both with and without motorized outboards. The company also has a line of Creature Craft rescue boats.

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