Rapid Whale Mini Boat

Posted: January 31, 2018
Rapid Whale Mini Boat
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Here's a whale of a tale waiting to happen. Assemble Josh Tulberg's Rapid Whale Mini Boat kit, and the "It was a dark and stormy night"s will surely start pouring in. Imagine the adventures you'll have on the high seas (Uncle Harry's lake in Wisconsin) and the narrow escapes you'll make from the kraken (a massive nest of underwater weeds his community association should really have pulled up) in your 6' electric farer of the fine waters.

The best part of any Rapid Whale Mini Boat story though will be the boat itself. The tiny little lady almost looks like a replica, or maybe a piece of yard art. But Tulberg assures us - and demonstrates in the video above - that his Whale is no tale.

The Rapid Whale kit comes a complete set of custom-made parts needed to build the boat. This includes: laser-cut marine plywood; 3D-printed components; a steering wheel; steering-shaft bearings; and various gaskets. You'll need to acquire and add off-the-shelf components on your own, including an electric trolling motor and battery, a seat, and epoxy for waterproofing the wood and fiberglass.

Tulberg says the boat is an easy build, with cable-tie and epoxy construction, and interlocking, jig-free assembly. Overall dimensions are 72" long x 31" wide x 24" tall. Total weight of this baby Rapid Whale is 67 pounds.

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