STAR Slice Paddle Cataraft

Posted: April 12, 2022
STAR Slice Paddle Cataraft
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I'm probably not the best dude to talk about the STAR Slice Paddle Cataraft, as I don't really care for white water rafting, or rapids, or, like, water. It's not that I'm afraid of water, per se. I welcome it, for example, into my Embrava Water Bottle. It's just that I would prefer any amount of water that could be called a "body" to keep its currents and waves and wakes and depths to itself.

So, yeah, I've never used and almost certainly never will use a STAR Slice Paddle Cataraft. But it sure do look cool! Especially tackling that angry river in the photo above, all bottoms-up, like NBD. I mean, presuming the other side of the photo is the cataraft's paddler righting the vessel and continuing to row, row, rowing the boat gently down the stream.

STAR's Slice Paddle Cataraft is designed to be "responsive and aggressive for punching through holes and rocketing over waves." It has a self-bailing PVC floor that's raised 6", so only the raft's tubes touch the water. A 3" drop-stitch deck attaches to the floor to increase surface stiffness and stability for 1 or 2 paddlers.

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