Super Kayak

Posted: April 13, 2021
Super Kayak
$1,350 - $2,100
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Your Summer of Super is just one kayak away. The Super Kayak is a new watercraft with inflatable, catamaran-style floats its makers say make it the most super in speed, stability, and portability.

Packed into its 28" x 20" x 12" backpack / roller bag, the Super Kayak weighs just 30 pounds, making it fairly easy to schlep with you on a hike to a remote freshwater lake, precarious entry point to a river, or just way farther down the beach from all the other yay-hoos trying to launch their floating islands and giant swan pedal boat rentals.

The Super Kayak's patented design has been streamlined for both its #1 bragging point, speed, and its necessarily #2 follow-up, safety. The former sees cruising speeds around 4MPH, with a max speed of 7MPH. The Super Kayak's inflatable floats connect to an anodized aluminum frame that also supports an elevated seat and front brace with adjustable footrest. Fully inflated and assembled - a process that takes only around 4 minutes - the Super Kayak glides at 12' long x 3' wide.

At printing, the Super Kayak was available for preorder both on its own website and on Kickstarter. Pledges are open through May 4, 2021, with Super Kayak delivery anticipated in mid- to late-summer 2021.

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