Dango Dapper & Tactical Wallets

Posted: September 08, 2016
Dango Dapper & Tactical Wallets
$69 - $129
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Dango Wallets come in 2 styles. D01 is their Dapper, a clean, precision-engineered cash and card carrier. It's made of microfiber-lined leather that's secured and compartmentalized with a CNC machined 6061 aluminum chassis and stainless steel bolts. It looks niiiice. The T01 Tactical is Dango's second style. It shares all of the D01's features and specs, but tops off your fro-yo loyalty card with 14+ built-in functions, courtesy of the addition of a Dango MT02 Multi-tool. The T01 Tactical is a Dango...unchained.

Come on, you know were waiting for that.

Dango Wallets are all US-made and -assembled. In addition to their fine material construction, each wallet is also:

  • Naturally RFID-resistant.
  • Secured with a durable, elastic silicone band, which also serves as a money clip.
  • Designed to hold up to 12 cards.
  • Just over 2 ounces in weight.
  • Just over 0.3" thick with 6 cards inserted.
  • Equipped with a built-in bottle opener.
  • TSA compliant (when the Dango Multi-tool is removed).

The Dango Multi-tool is made of heat-treated, CNC'd high carbon stainless steel. Its implements include a saw, knife, paracord tensioner, 10/15mm hex, smartphone stand, nail pryer, and ruler. A removable flat plate, the multi-tool slides into the same space as your cards and can secure into the safety locks built into the wallet chassis. In this position you can use it to saw, cut, and self defend. The rest of the tools are carved into the face of the plate.

Both the D01 Dapper and T01 Tactical are available for backing on Dango's Kickstarter campaign page through October 21, 2016.

August 2017 Update: The Dango collection blew through crowdfunding, and is now available for direct purchase on Amazon, or through the Dango online store - follow the "Check It Out" link above.

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