IRL Ad Blocker Glasses

Posted: October 09, 2018
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They live. IRL Glasses are real-life sunglasses that block ads - that block all screen visuals - in real time. No joke, they're real news created to black out fake news. And screens blasting aggressive backlit pushes to get you to try one, buy one, buy more, buy them all!

Though inspired by the 1988 film They Live, IRL Glasses aren't magic. Their lenses' polarized optics have just been smashed and flipped. That is, creator Ivan Cash and his team have flattened TAC 1.1, Cat 3, UV 400 lenses and rotated them 90 degrees. This blocks light emitted by LCD / LED screens to the point that the offending TV or computer looks like it's off. (Cash dutifully credits a 2017 Wired article for telling him about this phenomenon.)

As proactive and game-changing as IRL Glasses sound, Cash is also transparent about his opaque-ifying glasses' capabilities and limitations. Still in beta form, they will not block visuals from phone or tablet screens, or digital billboards, since these are typically OLED-lit. Limited to LCD / LED devices, the glasses are compatible with most TVs and some computers.

Plus, IRL Glasses serve as standard UV-blocking sunglasses, and you'll see everything besides their designated LCD / LED targets normally during wear. For the Kickstarter campaign, running through October 31, 2018, IRL Glasses are available in a single black-on-black, square-frame style.

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