Liberty Clip Money Stash Keychain

Posted: April 17, 2016
Liberty Clip Paracord Keychain
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Once again, RattlerStrap has climbed out from the manufacturing masses, and developed a creative, distinguished contribution to the overpopulated world of survival gear (see paracord belt, fire-starting shoelaces). In fact, with their Liberty Clip, RattlerStrap has even forayed into a whole new category of survival gear: the kind for social survival. This simple weave of paracord has a ring for your keys on one end, a clip for your belt on the other, and a set of teeth for biting the caps off your beers in the center.

And my most favorite feature: flip the Liberty Clip over and find a slot just big enough to stash an emergency bill, folded if you so choose to show your favorite president's mug peeking through a metal window. Cornelius, my friend, Andrew Jackson sees that we have finished off our very last Bud Light Lime. I think he would like to help us procure more.

Yeah, yeah, I know if you clip a keychain with a $20 staring out from it to your belt loop, some a-hole is probably going to try to grab it. Probably best to keep Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, and Jackson facing inward while traveling amongst unknown countrymen.

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