Magnetic Holding Hands Socks

Posted: November 06, 2023
Magnetic Holding Hands Socks
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I wanna hold your hand...and play footsies...and be dressed to shoot hoops or compete in a track & field event at any moment, all from the knee down. Can anyone help me with that? Oh. Why, hello, Magnetic Holding Hands Socks.

These tube socks up the coolness of wearing tube socks by a factor of at least 4 using no more than some extra tube sock material, magnets, and two delightful sets of cartoon eyeballs. Available in black or white, the socks are designed to hold hands with each other (which is surely not annoying at all if they lock palms when you're trying to walk) or with a lover / kiddo / BFF / stranger on a crowded bus also wearing a pair.

The Magnetic Holding Hands Socks make a great novelty gift, or stocking stuffer for this holiday season.

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