Notch Sunglasses-Friendly Baseball Hats

Posted: November 14, 2021
Notch Sunglasses-Friendly Baseball Hats
$26 - $34
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Two notches on a baseball hat equals one notch on Notch's belt for ending the war between sunglasses and billed caps. Notch sunglasses-friendly hats have patented cutouts on either side of their bills that enable them to slip over sunglasses frames comfortably, and without requiring constant adjustment of one accessory or the other.

Notch hats come in a variety of colors and Tactical Operator, Ponytail, and Fitted styles. You can choose both your hat size and your Notch size. The latter comes in Standard, with Notches positioned close to the crown of the hat to suit wraparound and sport sunglasses, and Terra / Aviator, with Notches positioned farther away from the crown for fashion and wayfarer styles.

Muchas danke to The Gadgeteer.

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