Slap Luggage Tag

Posted: May 20, 2023
Slap Luggage Tag
Check It Out

Children of the 90s who grew up to be world travelers, check it out. No, slap it out. It's a luggage tag for an entire generation. Kikkerland's Slap Luggage Tag turns the iconic slap bracelet into a piece of personal identification for your checked bags and carry-ons.

The tag unfurls to around 8" long, with lines for your name, address, and phone number on one side, and some inoffensive world map and airplane artwork on the other. Slap the tag to curl it up and keep your info from flashing about. Kikkerland includes a more traditional loop attachment to secure the Slap Tag to your suitcase handle, so it won't get ripped off by the first snag.

The Slap Luggage Tag might, however, get ripped off by the first Millennial baggage handler who sees it.

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