ThinOPTICS - Reading Glasses on Your Phone

Posted: September 11, 2015
ThinOPTICS - Reading Glasses on Your Phone
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The only thing worse than needing reading glasses is not having reading glasses when you need them. ThinOPTICS has designed a simple way to ensure your glasses are always on hand that doesn't consume a ton of space, weigh you down, or risk making the blur that is your day even blurrier.

How often do you walk out of your house without your reading glasses? Or leave them behind because it's not worth lugging them along? My guess is it's a lot more often than you do either of those things with your phone. Our phones are sixth (fifth for the ladies) appendages these days, and while we do occasionally forget, lose, or break them, we tend not to do it often, or repeatedly. And obviously if you wear reading glasses, you're probably going to wear them to look at texts, emails, and directions on the tiny screen of your smartphone. So ThinOPTICS put the two together: a set of ultrathin, ultralight flexible reading glasses in a pouch sized to affix to your phone. If you don't forget your phone, you won't forget your glasses, and if you can't read your phone, you'll have your glasses right there to assist.

ThinOPTICS glasses store in a Universal Pod case that adheres to the back of your phone or phone case (or e-reader, tablet, laptop, etc.) The total package weighs less than a nickel. Glasses themselves are durable during transport yet comfortable on the nose thanks to a flexing bridge and smart independent-suspension nose pads. Optical-grade polycarbonate lenses are full-size and come in a choice of +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50 strengths. Frames are also available in a half dozen color choices, as are the Pod holders. Universal Pods fit on most phones/tablets/cases, though ThinOPTICS also makes some special Pod sizes for various iPhone and Android models.

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