YETI Panga Airtight, Waterproof, Submersible Duffel Bag

Posted: July 07, 2018
YETI Panga Airtight, Waterproof, Submersible Duffel Bag
$299.99 - $399.99
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Dudes, do not fill your YETI Panga duffel with ice and beer. Airtight, waterproof, and submersible, the Panga series is YETI's "first non-insulated piece of gear that lives up to the standard of being built for the wild."

Which means it's not a cooler.

What the Panga is, though, is the duffel bag version of a YETI cooler: reliable; tough; and (over)engineered to compete with the best of its class.

YETI made the Panga Duffel to endure the length of backcountry hikes, the patience of fly fishing weekends, and the turbulence of boating, rafting, and kayaking right along with you. Though called a "duffel" Panga bags also have backpack straps made of Dryhaul for those trekking by foot, and to facilitate load in / out. YETI even invites you to drag your Panga along the ground or toss it overboard without incident to its exterior fabric or waterproofing.

No YETI guarantees about what will happen to your photography equipment or camping gear inside if you do that though.

Additional features of the Panga 100% dry duffels include:

  • Hydrolok zippers to keep any and all droplets, or downpours, of water from seeping in at the seams.
  • U-dock at the terminal end of zipper to ensure a completely airtight seal.
  • Thickskin shell made of high-density nylon and thick TPU lamination - puncture- and abrasion-resistant.
  • Metallock hardware.
  • 50L, 75L, and 100L YETI duffel sizes.

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